USS Chourre (ARV-1) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Chourre (ARV-1) was an aircraft repair ship belonging to the Chourre-class that was used by the United States Navy during World War II and later, the Korean War. The ship was originally built as the USS Dumaran (ARG 14), an engine repair ship, but it was converted in February 1944 by Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland, and renamed, followed by its commission in December with Captain A.H. Bergeson in command. Its service during World War II consisted of several runs in the Philippines, Marianas, and New Hebrides to supply the carriers with different types of cargo and aviation repair crew. During the Korean War, the USS Chourre received three battle stars for its service. Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that resists corrosions, chemicals, and high temperaures. It was used in places like steam pipes, engines, valves, pumps, and boilers to help prevent the outbreak and spread of fires. Military veterans are one of the largest groups affected by occupational asbestos exposure. Because of its former reputation as a wonder material, it was used throughout the Navy ships from bow to stern.

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Shipmates on USS Chourre (ARV-1)

eugene t. collins

harry cramer

donald frank durben

joseph patrick hayden

joe c. miller

wallace neale rich

christian henry thompson jr.

frank b. west

jack que wicker

thomas eugene wiles