USS Cod (SS-224) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Cod (SS-224), was built in 1942 and sunk over 12 enemy vessels weighing a total of 37,000 tons, activity for which it received 7 battle stars. It was laid down by the Electric Boat Company in 1942 when asbestos was a very popular building material. The submarine was struck from the Naval Vessel Register in 1971 and nowadays, people can see it in Cleveland, Ohio, as a museum ship. Up until just recently, asbestos was frequently used for a wide variety of applications dating back to antiquity.

Fifty years ago, the United States began restrictions and drastically slowed the use of this harmful substance for many uses. Even if you were exposed to asbestos years ago, symptoms of asbestos-related diseases may only begin to appear today. It is important to seek medical attention, and after that, you should talk to a lawyer about pursuing a claim for compensation.

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Shipmates on USS Cod (SS-224)

joseph louis adelman

marshall harlan austin

gerald e. carlson

lewis corneluis jr

leo davis

james charles dempsey

david a. forbes

lawrence o. harjehausen

wayne joseph hummel

andrew gordon johnson

charles l. kiley

walter edward laskey

john l. mathews