USS Colbert (APA-145) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Colbert (APA-145)

Laid down by the California Shipbuilding Corporation in 1944 under a Maritime Commission contract, the USS Colbert was subsequently acquired by the U.S. Navy for transporting troops to and from combat areas during World War II. The ship received one battle star for the extraordinary operations it conducted throughout the war. It was sponsored by Mrs. L. G. Miller and had Captain L. Jeffrey in command during the battle. Since it was build during the heyday of asbestos, the toxic mineral was lurking aboard the USS Colbert, which inevitably led to exposure. Therefore, everyone who was present on the ship needs to undergo regular medical examination, as they are at high risk of developing terrible diseases as a result of asbestos exposure, such as asbestosis or lung cancer. Asbestos exposure occurs when one inhales or ingests asbestos fibers from the air. Once inside the body, the asbestos fibers can easily travel through the bloodstream and reach various organs. However, the majority of people come to struggle with a form of lung disease. In 1946, the USS Colbert was decommissioned and transferred to the War Shipping Administration at Suisun Bay, California. The fate of the ship remains unknown.

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Shipmates on USS Colbert (APA-145)