USS Cuttyhunk Island (AG-75) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Cuttyhunk Island (AG-75)

The USS Cuttyhunk Island (AG-75) was a miscellaneous auxiliary ship belonging to the Belleisle-class that was built by the New England Shipbuilding Co. in late November 1944 and later acquired by the US Navy to be used as a transport ship, carrying troops from Bermuda to Boston, Massachusetts after the war ended. The ship was sponsored by Mrs. M.M. Dayo. After finishing its duties in the North Atlantic, the ship steamed for Orange, Texas to be decommissioned and placed in the reserve fleet. It was reclassified as a store ship in August 1951 and scrapped in 1960. Asbestos is a dangerous substance naturally occurring as one of Earth’s silicate minerals. Researchers have confirmed its carcinogenic properties and have warned that even minimal exposure to asbestos fibers can be dangerous. If you’re a veteran who has been exposed to asbestos onboard the USS Cuttyhunk Island (AG-75), see a doctor right away if you notice anything unusual, and then consider speaking with a qualified lawyer to learn about your available legal options.

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Shipmates on USS Cuttyhunk Island (AG-75)