USS Dace (SS-247) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Dace (SS-247) participated in World War II and won 7 battle stars, having been laid down in 1942 by the Electric Boat Company in Connecticut. It completed 7 war patrols, 5 of which were declared successful. The submarine sunk a total of 28,689 tons of Japanese shipping during its activity. The vessel was struck from the Naval Vessel Register in 1972, after having been transferred to Italy, where it entered the Greater Underwater Propulsion Power Program (GUPPY). Anyone working in close proximity to asbestos has a much higher risk of developing cancers of the lungs, ovaries, larynx, pharynx, stomach, and colon. Most Navy ships built before the 1980s have very large amounts of asbestos onboard. The material was used extensively in the building of these vessels. Navy veterans who developed lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma during their military service, are not limited to filing claims through the Department of Veteran Affairs. They can also file a separate claim against the companies responsible for the production of asbestos-containing products that caused their diagnosis.

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Shipmates on USS Dace (SS-247)

thomas w. allyn sr

rafael celestino benitez

edward skinker birchett

harry handley caldwell jr

bladen dulany claggett

otis robert cole jr

james j. connolly

william jenkins dorworth jr

august a. ebel

joseph francis enright

william ernest hague

george hinda jr

john emerson hootman

clifford richard jenke

robert chambliss light

thomas e. mailhot

george charles merceron

robert l. rogers

ronald delbert symonds