USS Damato (DD-871) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Damato (DD-871) was a Gearing-class destroyer laid down on May 10, 1945, and launched on November 21, the same year. It was commissioned on April 27, 1946, with the hull number DD-871 and it served in the US Navy for 34 years before it was decommissioned on September 30, 1980. During its activities, the ship had the main missions in Norfolk, Newport, Cuba, France, England, and Canada. It was struck from the Navy List on October 1, 1980, and then transferred to Pakistan where it was renamed Tippu Sultan.

We do have the confession of a former shipmate on the USS Damato (DD-871) stating that out of the 283 crew members only 4 are alive today, including him. He told us that they had to cut the asbestos off the pipes and the white asbestos powder was all over the ship exposing everyone. All 4 of them are trying in vain to get help from the VA.

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Shipmates on USS Damato (DD-871)

Roger R. Althouse

James O. Anderson

John T. Ayers

Cyril H. Buehler

E. L. Carpenter

Vincent L. Cassani Jr.

Ronald Maurice Simmons

George Taylor Malone