USS Forrestal (CV-59) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

As the name suggests, the USS Forrestal (CV-59) was a Forrestal-class aircraft carrier built in Newport News, Virginia, and had the hull number CV-59. Surnamed the "supercarrier", the vessel was commissioned in 1955 and measured almost 1,100 feet in its total length. It was the first ship that was built with an angled flight deck and with a steam catapult. Its decommissioning took place in 1993, after almost 40 years of service.

From the 1930s to the early 1980s, every branch of the military regularly used asbestos for its fire-resistant characteristics. Chances are high that Navy veterans were exposed to asbestos during their time of service because asbestos-containing materials were present all over ships to insulate boilers, pipes, turbines, and pumps. The Navy stopped using asbestos materials in the mid-1990s, but for many service members, the damage had already been done.

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Shipmates on USS Forrestal (CV-59)

william allan adams

jesse l. brackett ii

j. l. baggett

john kingsman beling

rex r. berglund

bryan m. bowen

jerome p. byrne

charles frederick demmler

arthur h. fredrickson

camillus l'engle graham jr.

william max harnish

richard allen weidinger

robert w royes