USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) was an Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer laid down on April 21, 1944, and launched on October 3, the same year. It was commissioned on February 3, 1945, under Comdr. Harry Smith’s command with the hull number DD-754 and served in the US Navy for 24 years before it was sunk in a collision in 1969. For the service brought to the country during the Korean War, the USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754) received 5 battle stars and another 1 for World War II activity. Asbestos was present everywhere aboard the ships that were used in military operations. Asbestos exposure was possible while working in poorly ventilated spaces like the engine rooms and boiler rooms or while performing tasks near a damaged asbestos-containing product that might facilitate the release of asbestos fibers in the air. This is one of the reasons why so many veterans of the U.S. Navy were diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases. Fortunately, they can receive aid in the form of compensation to cover the pain and suffering as well as any financial losses or expenses incurred by the sufferer or their family.

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Shipmates on USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754)

John Milton Adcock Jr.

Francis Leroy Anderson

Alan Herbert Armstrong

James Robert Baker

Rolf Anthony Buchner

Oscar E. Cannington

Christopher John Carlson

Danny Victor Clute

James Wilburn Davis Jr.

Roger Edgar Ekman

Larry Allan Gracely

Robert J. Harrington

Douglas Roy Meister

Victor Thomas Rikal

John N. Wolcott