USS Fullam (DD-474) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Fullam (DD-474), a Fletcher-class destroyer in the United States Navy during World War II, was launched on 16 April 1942 by Boston Navy Yard; sponsored by Miss Mariana F. Welch, granddaughter of Rear Admiral William Fullam; and commissioned on 2 March 1943, with Commander H. C. Daniel in command. The destroyer guarded convoys carrying reinforcements and supplies to Bougainville as well as bombarding enemy installations in the Empress Augusta Bay area. The USS Fullam (DD-474) received seven battle stars for World War II service. Asbestos contamination was widespread on these ships. In the engineering spaces, for example, sailors were expected to operate and repair a variety of pumps. In general, each engine room had at least one main pump and one backup pump, if not more, in case of a pump failure. Overboard brine pumps, condensate pumps, fuel pumps, water pumps, condenser pumps, fire pumps, and bilge pumps all performed various functions, but they all included asbestos insulation.

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Shipmates on USS Fullam (DD-474)

thomas j. bond

henry chesley daniel

nathan a. goren

charles j. jerolaman

archie thomas kellems