USS Gurnard (SS-254) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Sponsored by Miss Suzanne Slingluff, the USS Gurnard (SS-254) was built in 1941 and won the Navy Unit Commendation for service in World War II, as well as 6 battle stars. Her keel was laid down by the Electric Boat Company, Groton, Connecticut on 2 September 1941. It was launched on 1 June 1942 and commissioned on 18 September 1942. It completed 9 war patrols, out of which only one was declared unsuccessful. The USS Gurnard was decommissioned in 1945, at the end of the war, and was sold for scrap 16 years later.

If asbestos fibers become airborne, they can be inhaled, become lodged in the lungs and tissue, and cause complications over time - including deadly cancers. Though the dangers of asbestos exposure have long been understood, the mineral remained widely used well into the 1970s, for a variety of purposes. In these instances, it is critical that victims who have developed an asbestos-related disease do what they can to ensure responsible parties are held liable.

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Shipmates on USS Gurnard (SS-254)

charles herbert andrews sr

robert alfred barnes

norman dwight gage

john day gerwick

robert hewett harwood jr

richard w. sanders

henry l. smith

robert elwin mccraner ward