USS Hecuba (AKS-12) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Hecuba (AKS-12) was a general store issue ship in the service of the US Navy during World War II. It belonged to the Acubens-class. The USS Hecuba was originally built as the Liberty Ship SS George W. Cable by Delta Shipbuilding Corporation in New Orleans, Louisiana. After its acquisition and conversion for naval use, the ship departed New Orleans and headed for Pearl Harbor to begin its service in the Pacific Ocean. After the war, the USS Hecuba was scheduled to be used in the Pacific Atomic Tests in the summer of 1947, but it was towed to San Francisco and placed in the reserve fleet at Suisun Bay, where it remained until October 1964. It was sold for scrapping to Schnitzer Steel Products Corporation. Asbestos fibers enter into the body through inhalation or ingestion and remain there for a lifetime. If you are a Navy veteran that served on the USS Bailey (DD-492) and your health has been affected by a condition provoked by asbestos, you can receive compensation by filing a claim against the companies responsible for exposing you to asbestos, even if the companies in question have no trust fund established, as well as from the VA.

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Shipmates on USS Hecuba (AKS-12)

perley roy butler

donald kenneth kaup

irvin dale states