USS Hova (DE-110) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Hova (DE-110)

The USS Hova (DE-110) was a Cannon-class destroyer escort laid down on September 25, 1943, and launched on January 22, the next year. It was commissioned on March 18, 1944, and transferred to Free France the same day where it was named also Hova. During its activity, the ship carried a complement of 216 men on board. It participated both in the Operation Anvil-Dragoon and Vénérable before being struck in 1952. In 1964, the USS Hova was transferred back to the US Navy. Some of the Navy personnel most at risk for asbestos exposure include boiler tenders, electrician's mates, enginemen, machinist mates, pipefitters, and shipfitters. Activities that cause the release of asbestos fibers into the air - where they can be inhaled - included sawing, soldering, and joining pipes or sanded down block insulation, as well as cutting asbestos paper, all of this done either without or with insufficient protective equipment.

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