USS Humming Bird (AMc-26) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Humming Bird (AMc-26) was a Bird-class 1 coastal minesweeper laid down in 1936 and launched the same year. It was commissioned on June 12, 1941, and served in the U.S. Navy for 4 years until February 18, 1945. During its activity, the ship had its main mission removing the mines located in the minefields in the water so that other ships could pass safely. It was reclassified as Small Boat C-13548 on June 12, 1944. One year later, in 1945, the ship was struck from the Naval Register. Like most of the ships on the seas at the time, the USS Humming Bird (AMc-26) was made with asbestos-containing parts. If you are a Navy veteran who worked as a pipe welder, insulator, boiler operator, hull technician, machinist, mechanic, or pipefitter, the best thing to do is to schedule a routine check-up with your doctor.

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Shipmates on USS Humming Bird (AMc-26)

Walter Jenkins Whitley

Donald A. Kingsley Sr.

Gustav Engeland Karlsen

Frederick Dainy Gettmann

Donald James Capie