USS Independence (CV/CVA-62) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Independence (CV/CVA-62) was an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy with hull number CV-62, as opposed to the previous USS Independence with the hull number CVL-22. She was the fourth and final member of the Forrestal-class of conventionally powered supercarriers. She entered service in 1959, with much of her early years spent in the Mediterranean Fleet. The ship was commissioned in 1959, carried almost 5,000 men on board, and measured 1,070 feet. Its missions were held in Vietnam and the Middle East before being decommissioned in 1998 after 39 years of service. Due to the prevalent use of asbestos as an insulation material between World War II and the Korean War, Navy veterans have been identified as having a risk of high levels of exposure to asbestos. Recent case-control studies have connected asbestos exposure to colon or rectal cancer. If you or a loved one was diagnosed with this disease after being exposed to asbestos at some point in the past, we will promptly connect you with highly qualified professionals in your area, whether you are seeking medical assistance or financial compensation for treatment costs, hospitalization, and pain and suffering.

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Shipmates on USS Independence (CV/CVA-62)

Charles Dwaine Kenyon

David Selkirk Wilson

Donald Ray Barker

Dean R. Ab-Hugh

Raymond G. Austin

James Franklin Bell

Ronald Presley Buice

Richard Tillman Gaskill

Stuart C. Headford

Howard L. Kritzberger

James A. Masterson

Norman R. Nilsen

Wayne Kenneth Orr

Joseph James Walter

Robert Lee Wolf

Patrick Hazen