USS Interceptor (AGR-8) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Interceptor was a radar picket ship belonging to the Guardian-class that was acquired by the US Navy in 1955 from the reserve fleet. It was converted for radar picket duty and sent in the North Pacific to be used in the Distant Early Warning Line Project. The ship was built as the Liberty Ship Edward W. Burton by J.A. Jones Construction Company in Panama City, Florida. It served as a cargo ship until it was placed in the reserve fleet at Wilmington, North Carolina, in June 1948. It was acquired by the US Navy in June 1955 and underwent conversion at Charleston Naval Shipyard and commissioned as Interceptor in February 1956 with Lieutenant Boyd Lorenzo Hall in command. As a radar picket ship, the USS Interceptor was equipped with high-tech long-range radar and communications equipment and operated out of San Francisco, California and later, off the coast of Canada, as a radar station ship. Its mission was to detect, track, and report aircraft in the event of an air attack on the United States. The USS Interceptor was placed in the reserve fleet at Suisun Bay, California, in September 1965 where it remained until it was sold for scrapping in February 1978.

High risk of asbestos exposure

  • Engine Rooms
  • Damage Control Room
  • Pump Room
  • Propulsion Room

Medium risk of asbestos exposure

  • Powder and Shot Magazine
  • Ward Room

Low risk of asbestos exposure

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