USS Kingbird (AMc-56) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Kingbird (AMc-56) was a Bird-Class 2 coastal minesweeper launched in 1939. It was commissioned on July 24, 1941, and served in the U.S. Navy for 3 years until it was decommissioned on July 28, 1944. During its activity, the ship had its main missions within the 1st Naval District, removing the mines located in the minefields in the water so that other ships could pass safely. On June 7, 1946, the ship was delivered to the War Shipping Administration. If you worked in the U.S. Navy from the 1930s to the early 1980s and participated in duties such as the construction, overhaul, or repair of the ships, you are highly likely to have been exposed to asbestos. It can take from 10 to 50 years for some asbestos-related diseases to surface. This means the Navy veterans exposed to asbestos decades ago may just now be developing an asbestos-related disease.

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Shipmates on USS Kingbird (AMc-56)

Joseph Stover Donnell III

Clayton A. Dunton

Thomas Edwin Jackson

F. Wylie Orr Jr.

Joseph Stephen Prevosto

William Thomas Caldwell

Edwarde. Alexander

Robert Earl Adler