USS Kingfish (SS-234) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The submarine was the first vessel of the United States Navy to be named after the kingfish, a fish from the mackerel family. It was sponsored by Mrs. Harry A. Stuart, wife of Rear Admiral Harry A. Stuart, and had Lieutenant Commander Vernon L. "Rebel" Lowrance in command. It was built by Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in 1941, a time when asbestos was a greatly popular insulating material. In 1946, the submarine was decommissioned and later sold for scrap. Because it is resistant to heat, fire, and chemicals and does not conduct electricity, asbestos was a widely used material, and its use continued to grow throughout most of the 20th century until its carcinogenic effects caused its effective demise as a mainstream construction and fireproofing material in most countries. When there is a suspicion of an asbestos-related disease, you may be asked to undergo diagnostic tests, including x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and lung function tests. If you were exposed to asbestos while serving aboard the USS Kingfish (SS-234), you may be entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering, and financial losses.

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Shipmates on USS Kingfish (SS-234)

john herbert almquist jr

tuck king atkinson sr

arthur leroy beechert jr

edouard n. cadoret

frank b. correia

talbot edward harper

paul w. gilcher

edward daniel stoeckert

joseph thomas salatiello

alton t. rogers jr

charles m. richardson

herman l. prager jr

charles errol welton