USS Locator (AGR-6) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Locator (AGR-6) was a radar picket ship that was used by the United States during World War II. It belonged to the Guardian-class. The ship was laid down as the Liberty Ship SS Frank O. Peterson by J.A. Jones Construction Company in Panama City, Florida, in February 1945. It was acquired by the US Navy from the reserve fleet and converted for naval use. The USS Locator operated out of a radar picket station off the US West Coast, coordinating operations with the Continental and North American Air Defense Commands. After 9 years of service, the USS Locator was decommissioned at San Francisco in August 1965 and sold for scrapping in 1975. Asbestos was once considered a miracle material used in almost every type of construction and in many industries, including shipbuilding from the 1930s up to the mid-1970s. Improperly disturbing asbestos insulation can cause microscopic asbestos fibers to break away and become airborne which is dangerous to anyone in close proximity.

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Shipmates on USS Locator (AGR-6)

roy w. malone

venancio sandoval panganiban

joseph l. saley

robert n. schappacher

marvin w. scott

donald lee steinkuehler