USS Lookout (YAGR-2) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Lookout (YAGR-2) was a radar picket ship belonging to the Guardian-class that was used by the US Navy starting 1954 as part of the Distant Early Warning Line in the North Atlantic Ocean. Originally laid down as the SS Claude Kitchen in April 1945 by J.A. Jones Construction Corporation in Panama City, Florida, the ship was acquired by the US Navy and sent to the North Atlantic Ocean where it began its duty on the perimeter of the radar defense net established around the US. The ship operated out of a port in Davisville, Rhode Island until early 1965 when it sailed for Bayonne, New Jersey where it was decommissioned in July 1965. It was placed in the reserve fleet at Hudson River, New York and it was sold in 1970 to a Spanish scrapping company. Most people do not realize they are inhaling or ingesting asbestos at the time of exposure. Instead, they recognize asbestos exposure years later, after the particles have already caused diseases. It could take 10 to 50 years or longer for a victim to notice symptoms. These symptoms can include respiratory issues, painful coughing, clubbed fingertips, loss of appetite, and unexplained weight loss. If you notice any potential symptoms of an asbestos-related illness, we highly recommend you to see a doctor right away.

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Shipmates on USS Lookout (YAGR-2)

charles thomas edwards

thomas francis fallon jr.

john wesley henderson

james jay hoyt