USS Lunga Point (CVE-94) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Lunga Point (CVE-94) was a Casablanca-class escort carrier laid down on January 19, 1944, and launched on April 11, the same year. It was commissioned on May 14, 1944, with the hull number CVE-94 under Capt. G. A. T. Washburn’s command and served in the US Navy for 2 years until it was decommissioned on October 24, 1946. During its activity, the ship carried a complement of 916 men on board and had its main missions in Ulithi, Eniwetok, Iwo Jima, New Guinea, Leyte, Shanghai, and San Diego. For the services brought to the country during World War II, the USS Lunga Point received 5 battle stars.

All branches of the military used asbestos particularly during World War II, but the U.S. Navy took a particular interest in asbestos-containing materials as the natural properties of the mineral increased their durability and also decreased their risk for combustion. If you served on Navy ships during or after World War II, it’s highly likely you were exposed to asbestos.

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Shipmates on USS Lunga Point (CVE-94)

Harry Frederick Bauer

Roy Beattie Jr.

Charles Luther Calhoun

Alvin A. Cayou

William Allen Denkler

Earl Russell Eastwold

Woodrow Wilsonadam Feurer

Wesley Mclaren Hague Jr.

Conrad Joseph Hanson

Right Hollingsworth

James D. Ingram

George William Jury

Paul Ellis Mack

Frederick L. Marvil

John Jay Naugle

Robert F. Pettitt

George Petyo

Bob Stump

Lawrence Jerome Winter