USS Mauna Loa (AE-8) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Mauna Loa (AE-8) was a Lassen-class ammunition ship. It was laid down on December 10, 1942, and launched on April 14, 1943. It was commissioned for the first time on October 27, 1943, under Comdr. George D. Martin's command. It served in the US Navy for 4 years until it was decommissioned for the first time on June 2, 1947, period during which it replenished 5,600 tons of ammunition at Norfolk. On January 31, 1955, after 8 years of inactivity, the USS Mauna Loa was recommissioned for the second time under Capt. Elgin B. Hurlbert's command. For the service brought to the US Navy, the USS Mauna Loa received 3 battle stars. For most Navy veterans, exposure to asbestos happened at any shipyard and aboard any ship built before 1980. It is not uncommon for Navy service members that are no longer on active duty to suffer symptoms of asbestos exposure. If you built, repaired, or served onboard the USS Mauna Loa (AE-8) and have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, you are entitled to VA benefits in addition to compensation from asbestos trust funds.

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Shipmates on USS Mauna Loa (AE-8)

francis b. knight

thomas eugene kilpatrick

james b. hyman

jerome o. hutchinson

james seton gray jr.

james r. graham

willard rhea gilfry

francis douglas fane

jack durkin

joseph sabatino disidoro

john thomas coco sr.

rodney harold childs

bruno anthony chiappi