USS Medea (AKA-31) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Medea (AKA-31) was an Artemis-class attack cargo ship laid down on August 5, 1944, and launched on November 30, the same year. It was commissioned on January 10, 1945, under Comdr. Wesley A. Sherberth’s command and served in the US Navy for 1 year until it was decommissioned on April 24, 1946. It carried a complement of 303 men on board. During this period, the ship operated in Pearl Harbor, the Marianas, the Philippines, Japan, Hagushi and it participated only in World War II. After decommissioning, the USS Medea was struck from the Navy List on October 15, 1946. It received 1 battle star for the activity during World War II. Asbestos becomes hazardous when the fibers are disturbed and become airborne. The scar tissue that forms as a result of the inflammation makes the individual more susceptible to the development of lung and respiratory conditions. This risk is greatly increased by prolonged or frequent exposure to asbestos, especially if coupled with secondary risk factors such as smoking.

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Shipmates on USS Medea (AKA-31)

Howard A. Dodds

Richard A. Grimaldi

Joseph Wendell Ralston

Donovan Donald Craig

Bernard M. Hollander