USS Mount Katmai (AE-16) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Mount Katmai (AE-16) was a Mount Hood-class ammunition ship laid down on November 11, 1944, and launched on January 6, 1945. It was commissioned on July 21, 1945, with Comdr. C. H. Ross in command. It served in the US Navy for 28 years until it was decommissioned in 1973. In the first 5 years, the USS Mount Katmai had to load the ships located in the Western Pacific with ammunition. It also participated in the Korean War, replenishing ships in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. It was decommissioned on August 14, 1973, and struck from the Naval Register on the same day. On April 5, 1974, the USS Mount Katmai was sold for scrap.

Asbestos is a fibrous material that can be expelled into the air and inhaled. Also a carcinogenic mineral, asbestos was once highly used in the construction of Navy vessels due to its fire-resistant properties. If you have developed an asbestos-related illness and you can provide proof of asbestos exposure while in the military, you may be eligible for compensation from asbestos trust funds and VA disability claims.

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Shipmates on USS Mount Katmai (AE-16)

Ernest Kelvin Latimore

Gerald Lee Johnson

Benjamin B. Hill

George E. Folk

Malcolm Adair Durell

Joseph A. Droll

Donald Francis Cunningham

Vincent E. Cooke

Frank Balis Conklin

Vander Clark Jr

Clark W. Catlin

Hubert Swann Bramblett

Richard James Bonney

Robert Ido Blythe

Aaron Frederick Beyer Jr.

David Groebl

Danny Amil Skoda