USS Palawan (ARG-10) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Palawan (ARG-10)

The USS Palawan (ARG-10) was a Luzon-class internal combustion engine repair ship built at Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard of Baltimore, Maryland, during World War II. The ship was laid down as a Maritime Commission type (EC-2-S-C1) hull under a Maritime Commission contract. The USS Palawan (ARG-10) was named after Palawan Island in the Philippines and saw service in the United States Navy during the final days of World War II and in the post-war period. Following World War II, the USS Palawan was assigned to Occupation and China service in the Far East. In 1977 the USS Palawan (ARG-10) was sunk off of Redondo Beach, CA as an artificial reef. Asbestos diseases are so frequent nowadays among Navy veterans because the toxic substance was present everywhere starting with pipes and turbines rooms, to mess halls and sleeping quarters.

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Shipmates on USS Palawan (ARG-10)