USS Pogy (SS-266) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Pogy (SS-266)

Laid down by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company in Wisconsin, the USS Pogy (SS-266) was named after a forage fish. It was commissioned in 1943 and completed 10 war patrols, having been awarded 8 battle stars. The USS Pogy sunk 16 enemy ships weighing a total of 62,633 tons. In 1946, the submarine was decommissioned and subsequently sold for scrap.

Asbestos fibers are flexible and strong, resistant to high temperatures, and can be used as insulation to reduce heat or noise. Due to these characteristics, asbestos was widely used in shipyards and aboard U.S. naval ships. Many companies and manufacturers were aware that asbestos is deadly but hid the dangers, and knowingly exposed workers to asbestos for decades. If you have concerns about your health in connection with possible exposure to asbestos, consult a healthcare professional and make sure to tell him/her about your exposure to asbestos.

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Shipmates on USS Pogy (SS-266)