USS Prince Georges (AK-224) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Prince Georges (AK-224) was a cargo ship that served the US Navy during World War II. It belonged to the Crater-class and it was named after the Prince George’s County in Maryland. The ship was laid down by Permanente Metals Corporation in September 1942 as the Liberty Ship SS Richard March Hoe at their Yard No. 2 in Richmond, California, and used by the Army Transport Service in the Aleutian Islands for troops transportation. Once acquired by the US Navy and with Lieutenant Commander William J. Lane in command, the USS Prince Georges operated on the shores of Tarawa and carried troops and supplies from Pearl Harbor to various ports in the Central Pacific Area, providing support for the Saipan invasion as well as the Palaus invasion towards the end of 1944. During their service, Navy veterans who were exposed to asbestos may unknowingly inhale or ingest the tiny fibers of this deadly mineral. Once these fibers become embedded in the healthy lining of the victim’s lungs or other internal organs, they may develop into tumors. If you believe you were exposed to asbestos while serving aboard the USS Prince Georges (AK-224), you may qualify for financial compensations. Asbestos claims are extremely complex, which is why you may benefit from hiring an experienced lawyer with a proven track record.

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Shipmates on USS Prince Georges (AK-224)

alec carson boatman

thomas m. bozzick

roy finestone

raleigh o. sahl