USS Pyro (AE-1) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Pyro (AE-1) was an ammunition ship laid down on August 9, 1918, and launched on December 16, 1919. It was commissioned on August 10, 1920, under Comdr. John Sisson Graham's command and served in the US Navy for 4 years until it was decommissioned on September 10, 1924. Some of the ports where the ship operated were Mare Island, San Francisco, San Pedro, San Diego, Balboa, Guantanamo Bay, Norfolk, Philadelphia, and New York. On July 1, 1939, the ship was commissioned again, this time under Comdr. Robert Stevenson Haggart's command. Asbestos is a mineral that has been mined and used extensively in nearly all components of Navy ships. It is unique as a material in that it resists corrosion, chemicals, and high temperatures, and is lightweight and flexible. Because of these properties, it has been used to insulate boilers, steam pipes, hot water pipes, and nuclear reactors in ships built before the mid-1970s. If you were exposed to asbestos while serving in the US Navy and developed a condition based upon that exposure you may be eligible for VA benefits. Navy veterans can also consider filing a lawsuit or filing a claim with an asbestos trust.

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Shipmates on USS Pyro (AE-1)

Richard Charles Anderson

Eloy Edward Aragon

Theodore Charles Autey

Wendell I. Cone

Orlando L. Callanta

Joe Bill Caesar

Donaciano Bermea

Marshall Ulrich Beebe

Robert E. Hauge

Joel Nathan Gordon

Raymondpaul Gillman

David Mclean Desilets

Harold Jackson Curry

Cornelius C. Hayes Jr.

William Parley Gause

Perry George Francis

Kenneth Clark Holm

Richard O. Macdonald

Ross Kirkland Marble

Adrian J. Markus

Arthur A. Mcclain Jr.

Doris Miller

Robert Pearsall

Edgar M. Osborne Jr.

Kenneth E. Norwood

Roland V. Morrison

Ronald Wayne Stansbury

John Joseph Sauers

Joseph Frank Pearson

Michael D. Stayton

Marlin V. Worrell

Ronald John Wold

Donald B. Wikeen

Joseph F. Wheby

Mark D. Wessman

Nicholas Vytacil

Harold W. Vail

Duane Ernest Tucker

Kenneth W. Traxler

Joseph F. Strebel

Edward W. Stone

James Michael Fermil