USS Pyro (AE-24) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Pyro (AE-24)

The USS Pyro (AE–24), a Nitro-class ammunition ship, is the second ship of the US Navy named Pyro. It was laid down on 21 October 1957 by Bethlehem-Sparrows Point Shipyard and commissioned on 24 July 1959 at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The ship had assigned tasks in the Service Force, fulfilling replenishment services to various units of the 7th Fleet. In 1961, after an overhaul at Willamette Iron and Steel Co. Shipyard, the Pyro had her second WestPac deployment servicing the 7th Fleet. In 1963 the ship underwent the installation of a revolutionary new weapons transfer system called Fast Automatic Shuttle Transfer at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard and made another WestPac deployment in 1964. In the 1970s, the vessel had annual deployments providing vital underway ammunition replenishment services for the Pacific Fleet. It was decommissioned in 1994 and struck from the Naval Register in 1997. Since asbestos was present on the USS Pyro (AE–24), all those who served on the ship were inevitably exposed and risk developing asbestos-related pulmonary conditions. It's advisable they seek medical attention as soon as possible, as diseases due to asbestos exposure are asymptomatic in their early stages.

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Shipmates on USS Pyro (AE-24)