USS Ranger (CV/CVA-61) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Ranger (CV/CVA-61) was a Forrestal-class Aircraft Carrier, built in Newport News, Virginia, with the hull number CV-61 in order to differentiate it from the previous USS Ranger with the hull number CV-4. Its active service lasted for 37 years since it was commissioned in 1957 and until 1993 when it was decommissioned. It conducted missions in Vietnam and received thirteen battle stars. The ship measured 1,046 feet, carried over 3,800 men, and held between 70 and 90 aircraft. While other ships were made museum pieces, this one has an uncertain fate and waits to see if it will be scrapped or converted into a museum.

Naturally heat-resistant, asbestos proved to be a cheap and efficient component in insulation, therefore, used on every United States Navy ship built between 1930-1970. More than 90% of the asbestos used for insulation was chrysotile (white asbestos) - characterized by its curly, long fibers. As there is no safe level that would prevent the likelihood of asbestos-related diseases occurring, the risk to human health now and in the future when the asbestos is disturbed or deteriorates is unacceptable.

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Shipmates on USS Ranger (CV/CVA-61)

Alexander Alcantar

Hernando S. Andrada

William King Attebery

Alvan Turner Austin

Charles Richard Baird

John I. Barney

Richard Frank Bassett

Don George Beatty

Charles W. Benson

Curtiss C. Bohall

Robert Francis Clark

Joe Dodds Ewing

William Clyde Fenton Jr.

Richard Tillman Gaskill

Morris Lamar Hicks

Patrick Thomas Holland

James L. Jaindl

Donald Joseph Woloszyk

Anthony Yero

Michael James Hendrix