USS Ray (SS-271) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Ray (SS-271) was a Gato-class that was laid down on 20 July 1942; launched on 28 February 1943 by Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, Wisconsin; sponsored by Mrs. S. C. Loomis; and commissioned 27 July 1943, Lt. Comdr. B. J. Harral in command. After training in Lake Michigan until 15 August, the USS Ray (SS-271) arrived at Coco Solo, C.Z., via New Orleans on 31 August for intensive training. Departing Panama on 5 October, she reached Brisbane on 30 October. In 1958, the submarine was decommissioned and was sold for scrap 2 years later.

Asbestos, a naturally occurring carcinogenic mineral, was present on the USS Ray (SS-271), mostly in the form of insulation, which put the health of those who served on it at great risk. For this reason, we highly recommend undergoing yearly medical examination as a preventive measure, to make sure the asbestos they inhaled has not affected their lungs.

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Shipmates on USS Ray (SS-271)

james jerry addy

james gold andrews

william barnhart jr

john thomas beaver

hoover clarence blanton

louis silvio caretti

james warner casey

awrence wayne coleman

leonard erb

robert eric furu

william evans german

robert rose hale

william thomas kinsella

charles priest jr

william e. lauter

jules wetekamm

hosea washington

albert soles