USS Redfin (SS-272) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The keel of the USS Redfin (SS-272) was laid down by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company in 1942, as was the case of most Gato-class submarines. It was later turned into a radar picket submarine. During World War II, the USS Redfin earned numerous awards, including the Navy Occupation Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal, as well as 6 battle stars and one service star. The submarine was struck from the Naval Vessel Register in 1970 and subsequently sold for scrap.

As asbestos was a widely used building material for ships at the time, the USS Redfin (SS-272) contained it in its wall insulation, as well as in other components, such as gaskets, boilers and valves. Thus, the Navy veterans who were present on the submarine should pay close attention to their health and undergo regular medical examinations in order to make sure the toxic fibers they inhaled have not damaged their lungs.

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Shipmates on USS Redfin (SS-272)

charles eugene schwertfeger

marshall harlan austin

francis x. baldwin

otis gordon banks

robert w. burr

louis silvio caretti

robert lee kranz

robert donovan king

oval hays jr

david lee edwards