USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) is a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier laid down on February 12, 1998, and launched on March 4, 2001. It was commissioned on July 12, 2003, with the hull number CVN-76 and it is still serving in the US Navy. During its activities, the ship carried a complement of 3,200 people on board and 90 aircraft and had its main missions in Brisbane, Baja, Luzon, Norfolk, Afghanistan, Sendai, Bremerton, Yokosuka, and the Persian Gulf.

Asbestos was used ubiquitously throughout the U.S. shipyards for fire-proofing and heat insulation. It was used to be a popular building material for many years. Many exposures to asbestos and the lack of protection took place during refits both in the shipyards and afloat without adequate protection contrary to legislation.

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Shipmates on USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

David Folk Baucom

Gregory J. Billiter

Mark William Brown

David P. Cheney

Steven Eugene Combs Jr.

Jeffrey Dunlap

William Ellery Evans

Anthony J. Johnson

David P. Cheney

Herman A. Shelanski

Jeffery Marc Urness