USS Seminole (AKA-104/LKA-104) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Seminole (AKA-104/LKA-104)

The USS Seminole (AKA-104/LKA-104) was a Tolland-class attack cargo ship launched on December 28, 1944. It was commissioned the next year on March 8, 1945, under Lt. Comdr. E.L. Bothwell’s command and served in the US Navy for 25 years until it was decommissioned on December 23, 1970. During its activity, the ship carried a complement of 425 men on board and operated in Hawaii, the Marshalls, Eniwetok, Ulithi, Buckner Bay, and Peleliu Island. On September 1, 1976, the USS Seminole was struck from the Navy List. The main properties that make asbestos useful are its incombustibility, strength, and flexibility when separated into fibers. The shipbuilding industry was historically the main user of asbestos products. It is when asbestos fibers are airborne that they can be breathed in, potentially causing a variety of illnesses.

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Shipmates on USS Seminole (AKA-104/LKA-104)