USS Shad (SS-235) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Shad (SS-235), a Gato-class submarine, was laid down by the Portsmouth Navy Yard on 24 October 1941. She was launched on 15 April 1942 (sponsored by Miss Priscilla Alden Dudley), and commissioned on 12 June 1942, with Lieutenant Commander Edgar J. MacGregor III in command. It conducted 11 war patrols and earned 6 battle stars for World War II activity. The submarine was built by Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine. The submarine was decommissioned in 1947 and sold for scrapping 18 years later.
Asbestos posed a tremendous risk to those who were present on the vessel while it was active since this carcinogenic mineral was lurking in wall insulation and other components of the submarine. For this reason, we strongly advise everyone who served on the USS Shad (SS-235) to undergo periodical medical examinations to ensure the asbestos fibers in their bodies have not caused any damage.

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Shipmates on USS Shad (SS-235)

william jesse cheek

edward ray crawfoot

walter james curtis

william george englehardt

stephen lobdell johnson

lawrence virginius julihn

lewis lentz

orme campbell robbins

thomas james sexton