USS Sturgeon (SS-187) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Laid down at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in 1936, the USS Sturgeon (SS-187) is another submarine that participated in World War II, for which it received 10 battle stars. It was launched on 15 March 1938, sponsored by Mrs. Alice N. Freeman, wife of Charles S. Freeman, Commander, Submarine Force, United States Fleet at the time. The boat was commissioned on 25 June 1938, with Lieutenant Commander A. D. Barnes in command. The USS Sturgeon was decommissioned in 1945 and sold for scrapping 3 years later. Because it was built while asbestos was widely used in shipbuilding, it is very likely that the USS Sturgeon (SS-187) contained asbestos-containing materials such as pipe insulation, boiler insulation, asbestos paints, plasters, and more. This is why people who were present on the vessel should keep a close eye on their health and undergo regular medical examinations in order to make sure the asbestos fibers they inhaled and ingested have not damaged their organs.

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Shipmates on USS Sturgeon (SS-187)

cornelius s. .rypkema

jackson c. atkinson jr

harold andrew berg

george blazin

robert harris clark

robert donovan king

chester william nimitz jr