USS Sylvania (AKA-44) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Sylvania (AKA-44) was an Artemis-class attack cargo ship laid down on February 24, 1945, and launched on April 25, the same year. It was commissioned on May 19, 1945, under Comdr. F. O. Bryce’s command and served in the US Navy for 1 year until it was decommissioned on December 17, 1946. It carried a complement of 303 men on board. During this period, the ship operated in Marseilles, the Philippine Islands, Manila, Eniwetok, Saipan, Samar, and Bremerton. After decommissioning, the USS Sylvania was struck from the Naval Register on February 7, 1947, and scrapped in 1964.

Most Navy veterans never think that their military service will have lifelong consequences on their health. However, the effects of asbestos exposure can devastate Navy veterans and their families. If you believe you were exposed to asbestos while serving aboard the USS Sylvania (AKA-44), and you have not had a check-up in the last year, please call your doctor because early detection is the key to successful treatment of an asbestos-related disease.

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Shipmates on USS Sylvania (AKA-44)

paul l. anderson

salvatore annunziato

norman leonard aronson

oliver j. bacott

kenneth dillon bailey

william byron bailey

kenneth joe baldwin ii

mcclelland barclay

edward michael bartholomew

eugene h. albert

john warren adams