USS Titania (AK-55/AKA-13) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

The USS Titania (AK-55/AKA-13) was an Arcturus-class attack cargo ship laid down on October 25, 1941, as Harry Culbreath and launched on February 28, 1942. It was commissioned on May 27, 1942, under Comdr. Dale E. Collins’ command as AKA-55 and served in the US Navy for 13 years until it was decommissioned on July 19, 1955. It carried a complement of 266 men on board. During this period, the ship operated in North Africa, in the Pacific Theater and it participated both in World War II and the Korean War. It was struck from the Navy List on July 19, 1955. For the services brought to the country during World War II, the USS Titania received 7 battle stars and another 7 for the activity during the Korean War and was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation. To file a successful asbestos-related claim, you need to pinpoint where and when you may have been exposed to asbestos, the amount of asbestos involved, and the length of time you were exposed to it. We are a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to provide quality assistance to Navy veterans exposed to asbestos during their military service. If you believe you were exposed to asbestos while serving aboard the USS Titania (AK-55/AKA-13), we can connect you with the most suitable legal experts in your area.

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Shipmates on USS Titania (AK-55/AKA-13)

Irvin Johnhenry Day

Ralph H. Deloach

Frank Edward Fieger

Frank Daniel Giambattista

Irwin Glen Kennedy

Francisco Leon

Clement F. Marley

Harold Lloyd Martin

James Maxwell Moore

James E. Morgan

Douglas G. Dangerfield

Philip R. Carver

Angelo Henrico Belotti

Archie Baker

Lucio Viddauri

William T. Bonaventura