USS Tuna (SS-203) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Tuna (SS-203)

The keel of the USS Tuna (SS-203) was laid down in 1939 by Mare Island Naval Shipyard. It earned 7 battle stars for World War II service and was under the command of Lieutenant Commander J.J. Crane. In 1946, the USS Tuna (SS-203) was decommissioned and was later used as a target for Operation Crossroads atomic bomb test. Eventually, it was scuttled off Southern California. Asbestos - a naturally occurring group of fibrous minerals - is durable, flexible, and resistant to heat, fire, and chemicals. Used for years in a variety of building materials, asbestos is most often found in insulation, blocks and pipe sections, gaskets, and packing, friction materials, electrical applications, fire-retardant materials, such as coatings, mastics, welding blankets, and gloves, cement, adhesive-like glue and fillers, electrical cable material and fuses, friction material of brakes, deck covers, and other equipment and materials. When an individual is exposure to high levels of airborne asbestos fibers for a prolonged period of time, the results can be deadly.

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Shipmates on USS Tuna (SS-203)