USS Wingina (YTB-395) Areas With Asbestos Exposure

USS Wingina (YTB-395)

Built by Gibbs Gas Engine Co. in Jacksonville, Florida in 1944, the USS Wingina was assigned to the Pacific Fleet, 13th Naval District at the Bremerton Navy Yard in Puget Sound, Washington. After World War II, the ship was placed out of service and moved to the reserve fleet. In 1986, it was renamed, and in 2007, it was stripped and scuttled in Quartermaster Harbor, Maury Island, Washington.

Everyone who was present aboard the USS Wingina was exposed to asbestos to a certain extent, as military ships were laden with this dangerous mineral before 1980. For this reason, veterans who served on this ship need to pay close attention to their health and seek medical attention as soon as they notice unusual symptoms. At the moment, the USS Wingina is listed on the Washington Department of Natural Resources list as a derelict vessel.

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