Boston Navy Yard/Charlestown Navy Yard Areas With Asbestos Exposure

Boston Navy Yard/Charlestown Navy Yard

As one of the oldest shipbuilding companies in the country, Boston Navy Yard was founded in 1801. It was initially named Charlestown Navy Yard. During the first 90 years of activity, the shipyard was mostly used for repairs and storage. Subsequently, it became a major shipbuilding location where military vessels were constructed. Sadly, the Boston Navy Shipyard workers were exposed to asbestos between the 1920s and the 1980s, as the mineral was crucial in the building of ships. On every military ship, there would be over 300 different asbestos products endangering the health of all the people aboard. During the building of a ship, insulators had the highest risk of asbestos exposure, as they were responsible for working directly with asbestos, which released toxic fibers in the air.

Ships Built/Repaired on Boston Navy Yard/Charlestown Navy Yard

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